Join our group to practise insight meditation in a friendly setting. We also share our interest and experience of the practices, values and ideas of the Buddhist tradition – the dharma.

What we practise: we generally practise insight meditation in the tradition of Gaia House and London Insight Meditation.

Where we meet: we have suspended our regular sessions as a precaution against coronavirus. We will post news of our replacement online sessions here as soon as we can.

When we meet: Please join our mailing list for news of when our online sessions begin, and when face-to-face sessions resume.

We are a peer group, meeting without a teacher. Regular members of the group volunteer to facilitate. Each meeting includes a guided meditation (20-30 minutes), discussion time, and a short silent meditation.

We are a drop-in group, with some people coming regularly and others only occasionally. There’s no need to tell us when you’re coming – but please do join our mailing list to receive news of the occasional weeks we’re not meeting. Visitors to London are welcome to join us.

We whole-heartedly welcome all, irrespective of religious or political belief, gender, sexuality, age, class, ethnicity, nationality or disability.  We warmly welcome people of all spiritual traditions or none and we do not seek to convert.  We are pleased if participants in our sessions find insight meditation a way to a deeper engagement with their own tradition.

Have any questions? Please see our FAQs or email us at – we’ll be happy to help.